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A Better Future Starts by Planning Today

Whatever your financial goals may be, wherever you may be starting out in your financial journey, it’s unlikely that you’re going to meet those goals by chance. Long-term security and financial success require careful planning and implementation, along with ongoing continued monitoring—and that’s where we can help.

At Thomas A. Schmidt & Associates, we can help provide the guidance and support you need to select the most appropriate insurance and investment options to help protect your future. We’ll discuss your specific goals, then find the products to help you reach them. With our continued guidance and support, a secure and comfortable future are within your reach.

Professional Guidance and a Long-Term Partnership

An insurance policy or investment account will only get you so far. Like we said, it takes continued monitoring of your strategy to help ensure that you stay on track to your goals. We provide proactive, long-term support for each of our clients by continually assessing and adjusting your insurance or investments as needed. When life changes unexpectedly, or if your goals change in some way, we’ll help you ensure the options you’ve selected can still get you where you need to go; and if they can’t, we’ll help you find new ones.

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Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Our services aren’t focused solely on finances. We recognize the incredible importance of having the right insurance to protect yourself against all of life’s unexpected turns. If you’re injured and can no longer work, how will you make ends meet? If you or your spouse develops a condition that requires long-term care, how will you pay for it? What will happen to your family if you pass away unexpectedly?

Insurance can help protect against all of these situations, and we can help you find the right coverage to give you and your family the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the future.

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Preserving Your Business for the Future

You’ve spent years building your business. But what will happen to it when you’re ready to retire? Who will run the company if you pass away? Understanding how to properly exit your business and ensuring it can continue to thrive are vital to helping to ensure its success. We can help you preserve your business and your legacy for the future.

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Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans that Fit Your Needs

If you’re an employer, your employees rely on you and your company to protect their own futures. Providing benefit plans—including health insurance, life insurance, and retirement programs—can provide them with the security they need, as well as helping you attract and retain higher-quality workers. We can help you find benefit programs that fit your company’s budget while meeting your employees’ needs.

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